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[toggle title=”Badge Related”]Here’s some links to items related to badges.
Badge placement on Scout uniform
Guide to Scout Personal Achievement Badges
Plan-Do-Review template
Outdoor Adventure Skills
Chief Scout’s Award Requirements

[toggle title=”Scout Skills and Knowledge”]Throughout the year different skills are taught and knowledge is shared. Below is a list of resources to help master those skills and remember what you learned.
Animations of various knots and lashings
Saint John courses kids can take
Provincial Flags
Provincial Flowers
Provincial Trees
Provincial Birds
Knife Parts and Safety Tips
Lantern and Stove Safety Tips
Parts of an axe
Axe and Saw Safety Tips
Parts of a canoe
Parts of a paddle
How to use a compass

[toggle title=”Gear”]Having the wrong gear can make an outing uncomfortable or even dangerous. Below is list of resources to help pick the right gear
Mark Verber’s gear pages – Author of this site is based in California.
Packing List – Winter
Packing List – Spring, Summer, Autumn
[toggle title=”Ottawa and Area Outdoors”]A set of links to things to do outdoors in Ottawa or to organizations that have focus on activities in Ottawa outdoors
Ontario Trails
Ottawa Orienteering Club
Cross Country Ski
Alpine Club of Canada – Ottawa Section
Rideau Canal Ice Conditions
Mooney’s Bay Ski Centre

[toggle title=”Pandemic Resources”]Ottawa is currently in stage 3. Please find below relevant resources related to Scouting during the pandemic.
Ontario’s COVID-19 Response Framework
[toggle title=”Forms”]
Parent/Guardian Consent Form
Tour Permit (Out-of-Country travel)

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