Scouts Canada

MISSION: The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

PRINCIPLES: Scouting is based on three broad principles which represent its fundamental beliefs.

Duty to God: This is defined as “adherence to spiritual principles, loyalty to the religion that expresses them and acceptance of the duties resulting therefrom.”

Duty to Others: This is defined as “loyalty to one’s country in harmony with the promotion of local, national and international peace, understanding and cooperation,” and “participation in the development of society, with recognition and respect for the dignity of one’s fellow-being and for the integrity of the natural world.”

Duty to Self: This is defined as “responsibility for the development of oneself”. This is in harmony with the educational purpose of the Scout Movement whose aim is to assist young people in the full development of their potentials.

PRACTICES AND METHODS : Scouting Practices and Methods are defined as a system of progressive self-education including:

• A Promise and Law

• Learning by doing

• Membership in small groups

• Progressive and stimulating programs

• Commitment to the values of doing one’s best, contributing to the community, respecting and caring for others, contributing as a family member

• Use of outdoor activities as a key learning resource.

VISION: As a member of the World Organization of the Scout movement, Scouts Canada strives to be recognized by all Canadians as a values-based and dynamic national force in youth education that welcomes all persons and ultimately contributes significantly to the local, national and global communities by developing self-assured and principled young adults. Scouts Canada commits to employing exciting programs that engage youth in their own experiential learning, with support from an increasingly younger and diverse team of high quality volunteer leaders and competent professionals.

28th Ottawa Scouts

This year, the 28th Ottawa Scouting group celebrates 50 years of partnership with Rideau Park United Church, located in the Alta Vista neighbourhood of Ottawa.  A vibrant organization, the 28th Ottawa is well-known in the community, having provided growth and development opportunities to many local youth over the years.  The group currently hosts four of the five traditional sections in Scouting:  Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venturer Scouts, but has in the past also hosted the oldest group, Rovers.  In any given year, the 28th Ottawa has between 75 and 105 registered members.  With a dedicated cadre of volunteer leaders and Group Committee members – many of them having been with the group for over 10 years – the 28th Ottawa has been able to provide a varied, challenging and fun program, some of it international.  The Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts have a long tradition of providing excellent cooperative play and learning opportunities; the older sections have generally concentrated on skills development and challenge.  The Scouts and Venturer Scouts have spent many weekends in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State, and the older sections regularly travel nationally and internationally.  The 28th Ottawa has previously travelled to Newfoundland and PEI and has attended Scouting events in Alberta, Ireland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and New Mexico (USA).  Planning is currently underway for another international trip for older Scouts and Venturer Scouts in 2013.

One of the catalysts for the group’s success has been a strong emphasis on connecting the sections.  Beaver Scouts interact regularly with Cub Scouts, Cub Scouts with Scouts, Scouts with Venturer Scouts.  When one registers with the 28th Ottawa, it is expected the relationship will be long-term and many strong lifelong friendships have been formed through participation in exciting program activities, travel or even over a cup of hot chocolate.  The group boasts interesting and exciting alumni who can be called upon to share their experiences with currently registered members.

The 28th Ottawa logo is a Roman Numeral version of 28 (XXVIII) and the group slogan is “Who’s the Best?”