June 2014

  • 20-23 Canoe Camp

Warm, sunny days, mild nights, good food, dock back-flips, fishing, 30 km of paddling on the Rideau Water Way, 19 motivated youth and 5 engaged leaders made for one of best activities of the year and great way to end the Scouting year! We started at Camp Folley on Friday night and ended up at Sealley’s Bay for ice cream on Monday afternoon. Photos on flicker

  • 18 Wet Canoe

We headed to Money’s Bay to try out canoeing. Photos on flicker

  • 11 Dry Canoe, Bag Check and Cooking

Checked out bags, organized car pooling, made Russian mix (Craisons, Chocolate and Peanuts) and chicken breast for our canoe camp.

  • 7 Scout Trees

We helped plant 5000 trees in a bare section of Pleasant Park Woods. Imagine what this bare section of land is going to look like in only a few years! Photos on flicker

  • 3 All sections end of year Banquet

Last all section event of the year that included a great meal (nice job on the spaghetti Venturers) and some well deserved awards! (Congrats and thanks to Scouter David in particular for all his years of service!) New Scouts were introduced and will be invested next year, welcome! Photos on flicker

May 2014

  • 28 Capture the Flag

Pleasant park woods, mud, and bugs made for an exiting evening. Photos on flicker

  • 21 Riflery 1

A knowledgeable and engaging teacher made for a memorable instructional session. Too bad shooting couldn’t work out. Photos on flicker

  • 14 Go Karting and Mini-Golf

Speed and friendly competition made for a fun evening. Photos on flicker

  • 9-11 Rideau Challenge

A huge success all around. Bronzes hiked Saturday for about 15 km and saw snakes, salamanders, frogs and deer skeletons in the Marlborough Forest. Silver hikers Alicia, Addie, Yun, James, Calvin and Alex spent two days on the trail and covered a lot of ground during their travels. Gold Andrew Parks successfully met every challenge the Rideau Challenge Journey could throw at him. A big thanks to the leaders for devoting the time and energy to ensure all the moving parts fell into place and thanks to parents who volunteered to drive. I have received the RCJ crests and will hand them out Wednesday. Photos on flicker

  • 7 Rideau Challenge Prep

We organized carpool, checked bags and made sure that everything was ready for the RCJ.

April 2014

  • 30 Urban Night Hike

Description Photos on flicker

  • 23 Rocks and Geo Heritage

We journeyed back in geologic time with Professor Allan Donaldson to learn about the amazing geologic history of the Ottawa area. Dr. Donaldson, a retired Earth Sciences professor from Carleton University and colleague of Scouter Tim, meet us at Shirley’s Bay Parking lot number 1 from 6:30 – ~8:00 pm (sunset). With the assistance of Scouter Tim and some of his graduate students, Dr. Al taught us about the geologic history of the ShirleyÂ’s Bay area through examination of outcrops and boulders. Photos on flicker

  • 16 Wave Swim

Awesome waves, a water slide and relaxing hot tub made for fun evening.

  • 9 Weather Talk and Scout Car

Scouter Tim instructed us in the knowledge requirements for the weather badge. Several youth helped out in doing some fender and brake repairs to the scout car.

  • 2 Voyageur Personal Development Badge

Scouter Alayna led us through most of the physical testing aspects of the Voyageur Personal Development Award. We did a distance run towards the end of evening where the Scouts and Scouter cardiovascular health got measured. Everyone completed the run! Photos on flicker

March 2014

  • 26 – First Aid and EMS Tour

Scouter Ben organized some basic First Aid training and a tour of the Ottawa Emergency Medical Services Headquarters at 2395 Don Reid Drive. Thanks to the Ottawa MedVents for hosting us! Photos on flicker

  • 19 – Badge Instruction and Games

February 2014

  • 28 to March 2 – Winter Camping at Opemikon

We spent our days at Venturer cabin earning match and fire permits. Nights were in a heated cabins – too bad 30 below kept us out of tents. Photos on flicker

  • 26 – Bridge Building Competition

Rideau Area bridge busting competition. Photos on flicker

  • 19 – Bridge Building 3 and Winter Camp Prep

We worked on our bridges and went through out emergency kits and packs in preparation for winter camp.

  • 16 – Scout Sunday Church Service

A dozen Scouts looked great on Sunday. Hats off to Noah and Russell for doing two terrific readings and to Andrew who carried the Scout flag.

  • 13 – Planning Meeting (leaders Only)

The leaders met to go over the Scout interest questionnaire from the beginning of the year and recent Court of Honour feedback to plan out the rest of years meetings.

  • 12 – Survival Skills Introduction

Scouter Ben went over The Threes Rules and showed us how we were already using survivor skills. We broke up into patrols to talk about hypothermia, frostbite, winter shelters and what survival skills we we need in different habitats. Scouter Alayna put on a great game.

  • 8 – Cross Country Skate Skiing

Winter activities don’t get much better than this. Thanks to Scouter Alayna for juggling all the requirements to organize a hugely successful Saturday outing. Photos on flicker

  • 5 – Animal Shelter

A great tour of a fantastic facility. If you plan to add a new animal to your household, this is the place to go. Thanks to Scouter Tom for arranging this. Photos on flicker

January 2014

  • 29 – Bridge Building 2

The bridges are starting to take shape.

  • 22 – Best of the Banff Mountain Film Festival

Some really neat movies and some tasty treats made for a great night out. Free coffee samples!

  • 15 – Badge Testing, Citizenship & Games

Lots and lots of badge testing broken up by some fun games and good instruction on provincial flags, flowers, animals and birds.

  • 8 – Skating on Canal

Beaver tails and hot chocolate. What more can be said.

December 2013

  • 17 – All sections Christmas party

All the sections of the 28th together singing carols and enjoying treats. Old Saint Nick arrived and gave out presents.

  • 11 – Bridge building

Soon to be Scouter Roy provided some great info and tools to built a bridge. Photos on flicker

  • 4 – Patrol competition

Chariot racing and blind cookie tests were a few of the patrol competitions.

November 2013

  • 30 – Winter Pioneering Day: Commando bridge, lean-to, snow showing and flag pole

Other than some temperamental Coleman stoves, the morning in Grasshopper Hill Woods was excellent. Photos on flicker

  • 27 – Winter survival kits, hazards and packing

Scouter Stephen led us through what to put in our survival kits. We then broke into patrols and learned more about winter hazards and packing.

  • 20 – Lashing and chariot race

We put our knot and lashing theory into practice to make chariots and race them in the parking lot.

  • 13 – Maps

Another great presentation by Scouter Tim. This time on maps.

  • 11 – Remembrance Day

Eleven Scouts braved cold temperatures and wet snow to volunteer their time at this year’s National Ceremony of Remembrance. After working hard to distribute programs the Scouts were able to watch the ceremony from a great vantage point. Being in the right place at the right time meant three were shown in a slow-motion CBC TV camera shot and several others shook the hands of the Governor General and Prime Minister after the ceremony. Thank you for volunteering. Photos on flicker

  • 9 – Scouters conference

Scouter Alayna, Scouter Ben, soon-to-be Scouter Tom (Nick’s older brother), Alison (Russell’s older sister) and Scouter David attended a Voyageur Council conference Saturday and learned all about the new program scheduled to be rolled out September 2015. Very interesting stuff. It will affect Scouts currently in first year, especially anyone working to achieve the Chief Scout Award. We’ll keep you posted as information comes in.

  • 7 – War Museum

Several comments were received at the museum about how good the troop looked during the tour and how many excellent questions were asked. Extremely well done, everyone.

  • 2 – Food Drive

1st Greely, the organizers for this year’s food drive, thank everyone for their participation. Scouts who participated earned one checkmark towards Voyageur Citizenship requirement #1. 33.5 tonnes of food and $12,531.50 in cash donations collected. A very successful day for the Ottawa Food Bank and Scouts Canada.

October 2013

  • 30 – Cannamore Spooky Wagon Ride

Screams and laughter were had by all. Thanks to Scouter Stephen for organising this event.

  • 26 – Rideau Area Activity Day (RAAD)

It was a good day. Saturday’s weather was occasionally miserable, but proper clothing and cheerful attitudes ensured nobody from the 28th Ottawa Scouts bailed out early. Very well done, Scouts. Photos on flicker

  • 24 – Gear Night at Sail

Sail staff provided really good info on picking gear. They even offered all in attendance a discount on purchases. Thanks Sail!

  • 23 – Planning Meeting (leaders only)

The leaders took the scout interest questionnaires and Court of Honour feedback to plan out the the meetings for the first half of the year.

    • 16 – Investiture

Candlelight ceremony to welcome the new Scouts and Leader followed by treats. Great night! Photos on flicker

  • 9 – Bike Hike

Chocolate, clear skies and a few hills made this a great ride. Thanks to Scouter Alayna for organising.

  • 5 – Apple Day

The 28th earned $2536.59 from Apple Day, of which we keep $1902.44. We’re up from last year. Excellent work.

  • 2 – Knots

Scouter Tim put on a great presentation on knots.

September 2013

  • 27:29 – Lac Phillipe All Sections Camping

Hike to Lusk caves and earning knife, stove and lantern permits made this a weekend to remember. Photos on flicker

  • 25 – Packing Demo

We checked out the tents by setting them indoors. Thanks to Heather and Alex from the Venturers for giving us a packing demo.

      • 21 – PL and APL Outdoors Skills Training

PLs and APLs headed out to Camp Sheldrick for Outdoor Skills Training based on a FAST training package. Thanks to Scouter Charles from the 137th Ottawa for organizing this.

      • 18 – Knife & Stove Permit

Thanks to Scouter Jean Marc, Alayna and Ben for the great instruction. Permits won’t be far off!

    • 11 – First meeting of the Scout year

Troop Members

Alicia (PL)
James (APL)
Andrew (PL)
Cameron (APL)
Heather (PL)
Calvin (APL)
Adelaide (PL)
Olivia (APL)
David, Troop Scouter
Jean Marc