Scouting is great fun and youth learn skills that offer challenge and personal development.

Scout activities stress initiative, teamwork and being prepared and the Scout program is built around developing and practicing skills. The 28th Ottawa Scout Troop participates actively in outdoor activities that increase in complexity as youth learning progresses.

The outdoors is an essential part of the Scout program. Scouts can anticipate participating in outdoor games, day hikes, overnight camps and weekend camps. Within the 28th Ottawa there is the opportunity to travel internationally, generally to northern New York State annually and out of North America every 3-4 years.

Scouts meet in a group called a troop. The troop is split into smaller groups called patrols – generally 5-6 members per patrol – each of which has a youth Patrol Leader (PL) and a youth Assistant Patrol Leader (APL). PLs and APLs will receive training for their roles and will be expected to take the initative to coach, steer and manage their patrol members.

Scout Promise:
On my honour I promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and the Queen
To help other people at all times
And to carry out the Spirit of the Scout Law

Scout Law: A Scout is kind and cheerful, considerate and clean and wise in the use of all resources.

Scout Motto: Be Prepared

The Leaders


Scouter David: David has been a leader for 40 years, 22 of them with the 28th. He will generally be the point of contact for parents. He loves the 28th Ottawa’s fast paced program and is happiest when plotting the next great adventure. Motivated youth, great colleagues, the group’s international program, high membership retention and the 28th’s alumni network also turn his crank.

Jean Marc Scouter Jean Marc: Studious and capable, Jean-Marc shines when working with youth one-on-one and there is no better time to take advantage of his knowledge than by hiking beside him on the trail or paddling with him in a canoe. Jean Marc was also a former youth member of the 28th Ottawa.

Ben Scouter Ben: This is Ben’s third year as a leader, all with the 28th. Being outdoors, especially when the sun is shining, is when you’ll see Ben at his best – smiling at the world and ready to take on any challenge. A group of interested youth and active leaders working together make any challenges seem pretty easy!

Alayna Scouter Alayna: New to Scouting, Alayna brings her interests in hiking, biking, paddling, and cross country skiing. She combines this with five years of athletics coaching experience and much enthusiasm. She looks forward to expanding her skill set and offering a new perspective to the Troop.

Tim Scouter Tim: Now in his 10th year as a leader, and second as a leader with the 28th Scouts, Tim brings 30 years of experience as a geologist and educator to the troop. Tim has a keen interest in natural history and the outdoors, which he enjoys sharing with the enthusiastic youth in the troop. He also finds working with such a terrific group of co-leaders in the highly diverse program offered by the 28th to be highly rewarding.

Stephen Scouter Stephen: Stephen began his journey in Scouting in 1967 with the St. George’s Church Cub Pack. Having found scouting to have been such a rewarding experience in his youth, Stephen enrolled his children with the 28th Ottawa beginning in 2005. Over the past 9 years, Stephen has actively volunteered with the 28th as a Beaver, Cub and Scout leader.

Scouter Christopher: A Chief Scout and Queen’s Venturer as a youth and a schoolteacher in his early adult life, Christopher’s often innovative leadership ideas, sound instructional methods and extensive Scouting knowledge often lead Scouts into discovering new abilities.

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