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The purpose of gathering the information on this form is to provide leaders with the information they need to facilitate the activities of youth participating in Scouts Canada program activities and to be able to respond in the event of an emergency. This form is to be completed and signed by the parent/guardian at the beginning of each Scouting year and submitted to the Group Commissioner. The leader will be provided a copy of this form and it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify/update the leader of any changes to the medical status of their child/ward as these changes occur. The parent/guardian should also notify the leader if there are any other changes to the information on this application during the year.

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The applicant (18 years or older) must complete Scouts Canada’s Application for Membership and Appointment of Adults. All Adults must be fully screened as per Section 3001 before they can be confirmed as registered members. Once the applicant’s information from the application form has been entered into the Membership Management System, the Group Commissioner will be advised that the applicant is now ready to be screened. The Group Commissioner or designate will now complete the Screening Process using the Volunteer Screening Checklist. A Police Record Check will also be requested as per local Council procedures. Once a clean Police Record Check is received and the Volunteer Screening Checklist is completed and signed off by the Group Commissioner and Council Executive Director, the further information is entered into the system, and the applicant is confirmed as an active registered member.

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This form is used by the Group Commissioner to screen volunteer applicants.

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Persons, adult or youth, who participate in Scouting activities of any kind, and who are not registered members of Scouts Canada, must sign an Individual Release and Hold-Harmless Agreement to protect Scouts Canada from any claims resulting from participation in the activity or use of Scouts Canada property. The only exceptions to this rule are the following who are not required to sign the Release form:

• those volunteer helpers/resource people, including parents/guardians, who are screened as outlined in the Screening Level Chart (see Section 3001.2); and

• invited youth who attend no more than two meetings to sample the Scouting program.

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For non-registered participants assisting with an activity, a Physical Fitness Certificate should be filled out. This provides medical history, medical number, and a phone number where parent can be reached. It is important that this be done for each outing. Medical history may change and parents or leader’s spouses may be away from their home phone.

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Organizations that provide programs to children and other vulnerable people must take reasonable measures to protect them. This is why many organizations have screening policies for staff and volunteers who have, or will have, contact with children or other vulnerable people.

A Police Records Check (PRC) is a Criminal Records Check as well as a search of the records held in the information database of a local police agency. The Police Records Check is one of the steps in Scouts Canada’s screening program.

Scouters completing a Police Reference Check through the OPP must first request the OPP Organization Letter – Request for Vulnerable Sector Screening by contacting Gary Seymour at and giving their name, address and the position being applied for. The organization’s section on the form will be completed and returned to the individual to complete their portion of the form.

Here are two lists for what your cub needs to bring with the for camps

Fall, Summer, Spring Camps (PDF)
Winter Camps (PDF)



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